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How to choose a cigar infographics

This is how to choose a cigar in ingographics BUY THEM ON:

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adorini Humidor Treviso — Deluxe

A magnificent high-class humidor in ebony with multiple layers of lacquer finish, for68 cigars (based on Montechristo A size). Every side in front, left and right has a UV-protected glass window for viewing your favorite cigars, together with the glass lid, in order to not obstruct them. A high precision, pre-calibrated hair hygrometer is inside which can be read from ...

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Acid Blue Kuba Kuba

In a dark-oily Sumatra wrapper the Acid Kuba Kuba is an everyday and every occasion, mellow, rich flavor and sweet taste cigar. This cigar is a medium-bodied robusto, not too light and not too strong, with a perfect combination of the finest and most delicious mild cigar tobaccos together with natural herbs, essential oils, and an essence of 140 floral ...

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