Monthly Archives: December 2015

Turn an old end table into a cigar humidor

Take an older cabinet style end table and repurpose to a cigar humidor that can hold over 500 cigars. Most humidor cabinets will run close to $500 dollars or more but with a little effort you can build one for considerably less. Step 1: Find a suitable end table. Look at your local flee market, Salvation army, or goodwill stores ...

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CAO Brazilia GOL

To create this tasty morsel, an attractive Brazilian Arapiraca leaf was hand-selected in addition to expertly fermented to realize a dark and slimy color. Underneath this thick and healthy leaf, a hearty blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos was used to complete any medium to help full-bodied bouquet of flavoring. Deep tiers of prosperous, chewy flavors coat the palate prior to a ...

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