Monthly Archives: January 2016

This Indian-branded cigar takes two hours to smoke

The cigar in question? Gurkha Cigar Company’s His Majesty’s Reserve premium cigar- billed as the most expensive cigar in the world. A single piece of this luxurious cognac-infused cigar costs over Rs. 1.3 lakhs. That makes it almost 3700 bucks for every puff of premium tobacco you draw in your mouth, taste, and then blow out. Hand-rolled in the Dominican ...

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The Correct Way to Smoke a Cigar, According to Arnold Schwarzenegger

Where there’s Arnold Schwarzenegger, there’s cigar smoke. Whether he’s mowing down terrorists, hunting Predator aliens, or driving a tank, nine times out of 10, a Schwarzenegger character can be seen chomping a stogie. This is true to life—the Terminator actor is a lifelong cigar smoker. In 1996, he donned the cover of Cigar Aficionado. Last year, he won Spectator’s Cigar ...

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