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Cigar Humidors: what makes a humidor a best one

Choosing one of the best cigar humidors is not an easy task. There are so many manufacturers, distributors, sizes and types to choose from. It depends on your personal needs to find the one that will satisfy your goal of preserving your valuable cigars and look good in your eyes.

There are different types of cigar humidors. Any type of them can models that are best cigar humidors. Main types of humidors are:

  1.  Desktop: the most popular humidors for home or office use. Desktop humidors sit on a cabinet, bar, coffee table or dresser  and can store hundreds or thousands of cigars. Perfect for the new cigar collector or smoker.
  2. Cabinet:  larger than the rest of humidors. Cabinet humidors sit on the floor like a small closet. These humidors can store thousands of cigars. They are usually favored by serious cigar collectors.
  3. Travel:  these humidors are suitable for storing up to 50 cigars. These humidors can be carried by you anywhere. They are often lightweight and of small size for easy transporting .

First step: decide the size of humidor you need. A good idea is to buy a humidor that’s a little bigger than what you think you need.

Check out how the rim and the lid fit together. The lid should shut tightly but not “seal” completely thus allowing a minimum air circulation in and out of the box.  Best cigar humidors should rely on the heavy weight of the lid to be tightly shut. But you should pay attention the lid to be in balance, whether open or shut.

Another thing is that best cigar humidors should have a lock to keep unwanted hands away from your valuable collection.

Then you should check out for the humidification system. However, this system is quite simple and it mostly relies on whether or not you remember to add the needed water or liquid at the proposed time intervals. Even best cigar humidors have a simple humidification system.

More important is that best cigar humidors are coated only with Spanish cedar wood which absorbs and re-emits humidity to make a fine cigar to age and mature perfectly.

Look for a humidor that has trays inside, to organize and rearrange your collection.

If you go for a large humidor, handles are helpful in moving the humidor around a room. A felt bottom is helpful to protect the humidor and the furniture it is on.

Last thing is the design and finish of the humidor and all its characteristics that will satisfy your personal taste. Best cigar humidors usually are of great design.

Below are some proposals of best cigar humidors from, according to our choice. You can check them out.

A true and experienced cigar smoker understands that as a cigar culminates, the flavor within improves drastically and a cigar humidor provides the best environment for this process. When looking to purchase a cigar humidor, you will want the best possible quality. It will not only aid in the advancement of the aging process, it will also protect the cigars from rotting, from being smashed or torn, and protect them against worms and tobacco beetles.These cigar housing devices will offer specific benefits to a cigar aficionado’s investment. One distinct benefit is that it will help the burn rate of the cigar. If your cigar is too dry, it becomes very fragile and tends to burn too fast. If the tobacco is too damp, the stick tends to burn unevenly. Both issues will cause the taste to differ from what was intended by the cigar creator. Inside the majority of these housing units is a humidification system consisting of distilled water and Propylene Glycol. This system will maintain a consistent humidity level by using a hygrometer. This hygrometer measures the RH level, making certain that the humidor’s interior keeps a specifically predetermined humidity level of 70 degrees. This process of incorporating a hygrometer is crucial to all good cigar humidors.

Most cigar aficionados prefer Spanish cedar humidors. They will neither take away the flavor of the sticks, nor will they cause the cigars to take on the cedar smell. Some of them have an exterior made from solid wood or leather, with the interior being of Spanish cedar. Others are constructed entirely from the Spanish cedar. This type of cedar will serve as a sponge and remove any moisture from the sticks you so love to enjoy. Two other types of woods used to create  cigar humidors are American Red cedar and Honduran Mahogany Spanish cedar. These types of wood are just as beneficial for your cigar smoking experience.

Many people who have larger humidors will also have a smaller, or a travel sized humidor to nestle their favorite smokes in for being on the road. The smaller, travel size boxes will hold approximately five to eight cigars with the humidification devices located in their lids. They are small enough to fit inside the breast pocket of a coat, thus having them conveniently at your fingertips. Then there are the larger desk humidors. They range in size to hold from 25 to 250 cigars. Depending on your personal taste and needs, there are many shapes and styles to choose from. And finally, the ultimate in cigar storage would be a walk-in humidor. These can be custom made for your home or your business. You can certainly buy out any cigar shop with one of this caliber.

You are not limited to just wood in fabricating the outer shell of your cigar storing needs. Virtually any material or variation of materials may be used as the exterior to a cigar humidor. Typically, the majority of humidors are constructed solely from wood with some being designed using a top grade wood such as cherry or maple. Some may choose to design theirs using leather, acrylic, or even a metal exterior. You can construct the exterior out of almost anything, incorporating color, texture and the design to your liking. Many will take into account their personal design aesthetics of their home or personal business. Some may choose to have the construction complement their favorite smoking chair or desk. Not being limited by anything other than your own imagination, there is a humidor out there that is perfect for you. – See more at:






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