CAO Brazilia GOL


To create this tasty morsel, an attractive Brazilian Arapiraca leaf was hand-selected in addition to expertly fermented to realize a dark and slimy color. Underneath this thick and healthy leaf, a hearty blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos was used to complete any medium to help full-bodied bouquet of flavoring. Deep tiers of prosperous, chewy flavors coat the palate prior to a hot and spicy aftertaste surface finishes each smoke. A soft Brazilian smoking cigarettes leaf is used for the particular wrapper. The effect of this beneficial pairing regarding tobaccos is often a full-bodied, smooth smoke that could transport that you a complete other a higher level smoking activities. The loaded flavor in the tobacco correctly complements the particular delicate notes of planks and piquancy laced. They correctly embody the particular smooth in addition to spicy notes which you might expect from the Brazilian swayed cigar.

The pipes are 5 inches long, with any ring assess of 56, making them the right size for any long, relaxed evening at home. They are traded in cardboard boxes of 20 pipes. CAO is often a brand regarding General Stogie Company, one of the world’s best known cigar suppliers. CAO Brazilia Gol! Cigars can ensnare your senses in addition to delight your palate because of their rich in addition to invigorating quality.

Thanks towards 91-rated CAO Brazilia, the Brazilian maduro provides quickly become one of the hottest items among wrapper tobaccos in the market. And the CAO Brazilia has grown to be and remained one of the hottest hand made cigars out there.

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