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Cigar International

There are quite a few countries around the world that produce cigars. Some are quite famous, such as Cuba producing some of the finest cigar international, some others are not that famous. We can say that most of the produced cigars worldwide are produced in the America.

Let’s list some of these countries and what they offer in the cigar international market:


Cigars used to be synonymous to Cuba, as this country has a  long history of cigar making and providing famous cigars since centuries. It could be a long story describing the cuban tradition in hand-making cigars.


Strong tobacco flavors and aromas, together with earthy and flinty tendencies  in the cigars of this central american country.  However,mild cigars are also produce in Honduras, making it  suitable for new smokers.  A Honduran cigar .  Honduran cigars include Punch, Hoyo de Monterrey, Gispert, and Camacho, quite famous in cigar international market.


The fertile soil and climate of Nicaragua is so suitable for producing tobacco, although the tobacco industry of the country has gone through some serious and continuous turmoils  due to the instability of the country in the near past. In the recent years, Nicaragua has become  one of the leading producers of quality cigars which gained popularity in the cigar international market.  Nicaraguan tobacco leaves with their robust, spicy and complex flavors made brands like Padron, Joya de Nicaragua and Don Pepin Garcia very popular worldwide.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica has fertile land and an ideal for producing finest coffe and tobacco.  Costa Rican famous leave variety, Costa Rican Maron, has become very popular due to its nutty tastiness which was preferred  in brands like St Luis Rey and Mayorga.

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic became the main home for tobacco factories and the top producer of premium cigars globally, the nationalisation of Cuban cigar industry and the US embargo. The Dominican tobacco leaves make cigars which are mild to medium. This is home to some of the biggest cigar international brands like Macanudo,  Arturo Fuente, Montecristo and more.


Jamaica has a great climate for growing tobacco. This, in addition to the indigenous varieties that grow in its volcanic soils, made it a top cigar producing country in cigar international market.  Jamaica’s tobacco plantations have quite a history back to the years of the island’s British colonization.


The Gulf of Mexico and the northern region of Mexico are the main areas of tobacco plantations.  Mexican cigars have gained popularity in recent years, promoting leaves such as San Andres maduro for wrappers. Famous brands that use Mexican tobacco are TeAmo and A. Turrent


Brazil is famous for their cigar wrappers.  The sun-grown tobacco wrappers, from dark brown to really dark, sweet & neutral taste, blend with other parts of the cigar perfectly.  Mata Fina and Arapiraca , with rich, toasty, and spicy flavors, along with the maduro are some of the finest Brazilian varieties. Famous cigar brands with Brazilian tobacco include CAO Brazilia , Gurkha’s Ancient Warrior.


Ecuador has a  tropical climate that makes the perfect conditions to grow tobacco. The cigar wrappers that are produced in this country are included in famous brands like Arturo Fuente.


Cameroon is known for its famous cigar wrappers which are used in many famous brands, like Arturo Fuente and Ashton.


The Spanish before the 1900s set the base of the long Filipino tradition in cigar producing and manufacturing. Filipino cigars are mild and ideal as an easy smoke.


Sumatra and Java are the islands of Indonesia that make it famous in the cigar international market. One of the oldest producers of cigar tobacco in the world, has its own first place in the hearts of cigar smokers.


Complex tobacco, with awesome, rich flavor used in cigars blend. Peruvian tobacco has a smooth spice note without a lot of harshness of the heavier cigar leaves. It is used in many cigar brands like many of the  Montecristo cigar line.

United States

The northeastern state of Connecticut is top famous for producing some of the top cigar wrapper leaves, although, most people think that the southern states are the ones that only produce tobacco. Anyway, the Connecticuts are one of the most famous cigars in the world.

There also some European countries that produce cigars, from their own tobacco leaves, like Italy, Greece and Turkey. But these are not that famous than other cigar international.



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