Humidor humidifier

You are now the proud owner of a beautiful , expensive – or less – expensive humidor. You chose  with care and diligence to be sure that is exactly what suits you and your needs . You purchased and the first mini collection of cigars and getting ready to put in to keep them in perfect condition as when you find one of these, immersed in your favorite chair with a glass of brandy in hand and good company … Stop !

The brand new humidor humidifier is not yet ready to welcome your expensive cigars . There is something still to be done.

Remember that your goal is to “simulate” in it the tropical climatic conditions prevailing in the country who “grew up ” the tobacco leaves of your cigars . Do not try to speed up the process, because putting your cigars in a dry humidor will destroy them .

Most humidor have an inner lining of crude Spanish cedar the ideal wood to keep and aged fine cigars . But to be ready to accommodate the wood must first be moistened

Usually there are three categories of cigar humidors:

  •     The glass humidor .
  •     The wooden humidor .
  •     The leather humidor .

The wooden humidor is usually made cedar (Spanish or not) inside and sometimes with a maple,rosewood or other kind of wood.

In a new acquired humidor, we first clean the interior with a soft dry cloth, leave it for 1-2 days in a well-ventilated area .
Then we wipe it with a dry cloth again.
We put in a glass, distilled water and place it for 30 seconds in the microwave (up to send steam). Later on carefully we place it inside the humidor for a whole night. We  remove the glass and wipe off any moisture with a piece of sterile gauze.

It is now time  for us to prepare the

humidor humidifier.

After you open it carefully will see a green piece of some material like sponge in the humidor humidifier. In a bowl that fits the sponge, we fill halfway with a mixture of glycol (special fluid found in cigar shops ) and bigoted water in a ratio of 50-50 and put into the sponge, leaving it to absorb the water for 2-3 minutes.

Then we take the sponge of humidor humidifier out and place it on a clean towel to drip most of the fluids . When left wet but not dripping, we place it inside the device which therefore we place inside the humidor. The glycol water mixture is used only the first time we “set” the sponge. Thereafter we only add bigoted water every time we observe a fall in humidity hygrometer .

The glycol solution is used again as to put 2-3 drops only when we see that humidity fell very sharply. We do not place much glycol because it creates a crust on sponge of the humidor humidifier which does not permit it to “breathe”. We follow this process of bigoted water at start, adding a bit only when humidity falls  until a constant moisture in the humidifier is maintained ( 65-75 % ). If the humidity is more that we need we leave the humidor humidifier a bit open until it falls. Note that we change the sponge every 2 years.

Now, in order to set the analog hygrometer, we do the following.

In an airtight bowl we place a teaspoon of salt and on the salt we drip 1-2 drops of distilled water equal to soak a bit. We do not want to become a solution, therefore we drip only these 1-2 drops of distilled water. We place inside the hygrometer and after 6 hours it should read 70-72 % humidity. Use a screwdriver to set manually  the index to 70%.

The best solution is a digital hygrometer which has no needs to be set manually and is more accurate .

We use only distilled water because tap water and bottled water already have some microorganisms that destroy cigars .
The glass humidor wants daily control.
If it is too wet for some reason we open it and leave it until it evaporates a little water .
We never place metal parts or cigars of completely different flavors in the humidor humidifier, because cigar, as it is a living organism, absorbs odors and the flavors and aromas of cigar will tangle.



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