Illustrious Goodfellas Torra Sumatra Review

Wrapper:  Sumatra
Binder:  Undisclosed
Filler:  Undisclosed
Vitola:  Chubby Perfecto
Brand:  Illustrious Goodfellas
Factory:  Undisclosed
CigarNoise Price Range:  $11-14
Source:  Nate & Olivia Edwards (
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Illustrious Goodfellas Torra Sumatra – Thoughts

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The foot of this cigar smells heavenly:  like a walk in the woods captured in a candle with sweet accents.  A cold draw adds hints of cherries and spice on the tip of the tongue.  The mottled wrapper is neatly applied everywhere except the foot where you can see an imperfection.  No biggie.

The Torra line consists of a few different cigars such as the Habano, Sumatra, and Connecticut Fuerte in Salomon, Chubby, Toro, Short Perfecto, and Robusto vitolas.

Illustrious Goodfellas Torra Sumatra – Flavors

The first few puffs find that delicate balance between sweet and spicy that let’s me sink into my chair and realize that I picked a winner for today’s review.  Hints of honey, sweet cream, and cinnamon come together amidst a cedar backdrop.  The spice presence is very mild yet just enough to bring it all together.

Illustrious Goodfellas’ Torra Sumatra largely followed these tasting notes with the intermittent additions of graham cracker, honey, and bolder cinnamon notes. There were several minutes that I was tasting Cinnamon Life cereal followed by several minutes of Honey Grahams.  Absolutely fantastic.

The Sumatra wrapper shined throughout the first half of the cigar, awarding this Chubby a legit flavor bomb status. Past the first third, however, the flavors begin to wane noticeably until we reached the band.

Illustrious Goodfellas Torra Sumatra – Construction

The initial draw was so perfect that I was worried it would become too open once the perfecto shape opened up.  In the end, though, I was worried about nothing.  The burn was wavy throughout the entirety of the smoke, causing frequent (if minor) touchups.

It’s worth noting that the Robusto size showcased a flawless burn on both of the samples that I smoked.

Illustrious Goodfellas Torra Sumatra Review


Flavor-Bomb First Third

Great Draw


Muted Second Third

Wavy Burn


If you enjoy Sumatra wrappers, the Illustrious Goodfellas Torra Sumatra needs to be on your list. Although the final score seems lower than my personal regard for this stick, and the robusto scored several points higher in preliminary test-drives, I consider this cigar to be an iconic representation of the Sumatra experience.

Credits:Dave West, source



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