travel humidors

Travel Humidors

So you like smoking cigars. But what about when you are on-the-go, at the beach or even heading for your miles away secret place of relaxation or vacation?

 How do you carry your favorite and precious, ready to be smoked, cigars with you, without humidification?

 Does the micro-climate of your destination is suitable for your sensitive cigars until it’s time to enjoy smoking them?

 Or maybe, during your trip, are they going to be dried out or even broken into small parts and wrappers?

I don’t think you find it smart to carry your luxury wooden 100 (or more) count humidor in your handbag or in your car between your clothes…

This is where the travel humidors come to your life.

Travel humidors are small size humidors that are neat little “gadgets”. Durable, ready-to-go and easy to fit with you in your suitcase, handbag or even costume pocket, depending on their size. The travel humidors sizes depend on the number of cigars and their size. A foam cradle will keep your cigars properly rested inside the case all the time. They are airtight, waterproof and  crush-proof for maximum protection of your valuable cigars. Usually they are made of leather, metal, abs plastic or even wooden cases. They can keep up to 40-50 cigars. Typical travel humidors are made for less than 50 cigars.

Proper humidity in your travel humidor is maintained usually through a liquid solution that is filled in the small humidification unit of the travel humidor.  This humidification  unit is recharged and prepared before you leave your house. For different micro-climates (humidity-temperature) and extended time storage, recharging the humidification unit is done as suggested by the manufacturer of each model depending on number of cigars, humidity, temperature and cigar freshness. The airtight cap of the travel humidors keeping the cigars in constant condition with maintained humidity and temperature that preserve the cigars longer.

Cigars that are removed from your personal humidor or bought from cigar shops and moved in travel humidors should already be stabilized to the perfect humidity.

So, are you ready to choose the one you need? If yes, read the following criteria:

  • Size of your cigars
  • Number of cigars to store inside
  • Place (pocket, bag etc)  you can put it to be handy
  • Time duration of  your travel/stay out of home
  • Material that you fancy to be made of
  • Design that meets your character and taste
  • Money you want to spend in buying one
  • Customer reviews that may be available

Below are some awesome travel humidors that we picked-up for you, concerning our experience, personal taste and market critics. And they are available to buy online from Amazon.




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